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Spanish Links

Click on the categories below to view the links in those categories. It may take up to a few days for me to approve them. Remember to check all these sites for yourself before using them in class. Some entries may be interesting for teachers, but not appropriate for use with students. Thanks!



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Spanish Online Videos

One Semester Spanish Spanish Love Song
Great fun song that is made up completely of easy phrases.
Conjugation's Back
Fun video about conjugating verbs.
Michael Jackson y su nariz - TPRS® lesson
Great TPRS® story (complete with circling!) about Michael Jackson's search for a nose. From MrTejeda on YouTube.
I Love Lucy Episode -- Ricky Translates for Lucy
Fun episode with Spanish in it.
I Love Lucy -- El Cumbanchero then Mexican Hat Dance
Add a little culture to your class with El Cumbanchero and then give your students a chance to see the Mexican Hat Dance in this scene from an I Love Lucy episode where they're trying to break their lease.
I Love Lucy epsiode -- Little Red Riding Hood
Ricky tells Little Ricky the story of Little Red Riding Hood in Spanish.
I Love Lucy episode -- Lucy's Mother-in-Law
Lucy gets to meet her Spanish-speaking only mother-in-law for the first time.
Se hace de noche
A nice little echo practice for Halloween.
A website with videos, transcriptions and teaching guides for free.
Me gustas tú
The good version of Me gustas tú.
TEESP Program: Technology Enhanced Elementary Spanish Program
Here are some great lessons and resources for elementary Spanish teachers. Easy songs and lesson plans that go with them.
¡Qué difícil es hablar en español!
Fun song about the diversity of the Spanish language. Catchy refrain, good singing.
(Here are the words.)
Mi patata de amor
A cute song for beginning Spanish students by our profe Benito.
Fun song by Barrio Zumba, if you can keep up with them. The words are here.
El profe Benito's Youtube page
Looking for some great comprehensible input videos by a native Spanish speaker? This is a great resource of stories to use in class.
El profe Benito's audio page
Here are some audio files to use with your classes so your students can practice their language through repetitious comprehensible input.

Hispanic Culture

Cultural Videos, Famous Hispanic, PPT Presentations
This site has all kinds of resources for Spanish teachers. There's also a link page with even more great sites.

Cheers in Spanish
Get your students moving with these cheers in Spanish.
Art in the Picture
Great site with many artists represented. Easy to search for a specific name or movement.
Web Gallery of Art
Good art site. Easy to search for artist by country or by name.

Spanish Games

Mi mundo en palabras
A fun game site to practice Spanish.
Noah comprende -- PBS
PBS brings this great game to help kids understand Spanish.
Online Free Spanish.com
Some fun games to learn different things in Spanish.
Jeopardy Labs
Build your own Jeopardy game template (not PowerPoint) or use games others have made.

Spanish Grammar

Quia is a great way for your students to practice vocabulary and grammar using Flash games. Lots of free games. With an account, the teacher can easily make their own activities and keep track of student progress. Try it for 30 days free.

The Open University
This site gives you links to some good grammar tutorials from different colleges. There are also links to Spanish dictionaries, study aids and lessons.

Spanish Reading

Big Screen Readers
Books on PowerPoint to read with your classes. The CD-ROM includes the PowerPoint book, a worksheet packet and a narrated MP4 of the book.
Sosnowski Books
Great source of reading books in Spanish and French. Mary Sosnowski is very knowledgeable about her books so whatever your needs are, she can help you out.
World of Reading
Books, VDs, CDs and more in various languages. Great selection!
More than merely books. Check them out!
Story Place
A digital library for kids in both English and Spanish.
Great place for practing your reading in Spanish. It keeps track of the words you know and helps you work on the ones you don't.
Books in the public domain in several languages.
Blaine Ray Readers
Short novels using a small circle of vocabulary. Created for the TPRS® classroom.
TPR Storytelling
Short novels using a small circle of vocabulary. Created for the TPRS® classroom.
Listing of TPRS® Novels
Wouldn't it be nice to have one central location to see what TPRS® novels are out there? Here's the place to go!

Spanish Vocabulary

BBC Spanish Topics
Basic practice of beginning vocabulary.

Hispanic Music

Todd Hawkins' Songs
Todd has some great songs to learn Spanish. Students love them!
Top 20 Songs in Spain
Want to know what's popular on the radio in Spain? Bookmark this and keep up with the popular music.
Batanga Radio
Your own Hispanic music station. Regional Mexicana, Tropical, Urbana, Rock, Internacional, lots to choose from!
Spanish About -- Hit Music
Keep current with the hit music in Spanish.

Hispanic Movies

Julio y su Ángel
All in Spanish and acceptable for all classes. Heartwarming story about an orphaned boy who finds the "Angel" God has sent him.

Cinco Amigas
Venezuela story about five girls from different walks of life who come together to form a band. Fun story, in Spanish, acceptable for all classes.
Under the Same Moon -- La Misma Luna
Primarily in English, but with some Spanish. Acceptable for all classes. Warm story of an illegal Mexican mother's attempt to make a better life int he US for her son.
El Cid
In English. Classic film with Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren as Spain's Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar and his wife Chimene. Acceptable for all classes.
American Family
DVD version of the TV series from PBS about an Hispanic family i east LA. Mostly in English, but with some Spanish. Some language and topics might not be acceptable to some classes.
Based on the true story of Óscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, who was assassinated on March 24, 1980. Stars Raúl Julia and Tony Plana. In English, with some Spanish. Some violence.
Voces Inocentes
The El Salvadoran civil war is made real in this intense movie about 11-year-old Chava who is trying to escape being recruited into either army when he turns 12. Very strong language and violence. Will probably need a parental permission slip for most high school classes.
Atlético San Pancho
In Spanish. Works well for Spanish classes. Funny and enjoyable for students. Acceptable for all classes.
Jennifer Lopez plays rising star Selena as her story unfolds, culminated in her death at the hands of one of her fans. In English.
Sweet 15
In English. Marta learns that there is more to life than her Quinceañera party when she discovers the truth about her parents.

Spanish Misc.

Alternate Reality Learning
Use these core modules to set your students up with new identities, then use those identities as characters in your class that can be or do anything. Great fun!
Spanish T-Shirts
New Spanish t-shirts coming out all the time! From Chalkboard Productions.
Learning By Design T-Shirts
T-shirts by Learning By Design. Good quality, nice designs, in many languages. (I can't find their website address so if anyone knows it, please send it to me so I can link to them.)


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