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Click on the categories below to view the links in those categories. It may take up to a few days for me to approve them. Remember to check all these sites for yourself before using them in class. Some entries may be interesting for teachers, but not appropriate for use with students. Thanks! Do you like this page? Link to us!



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Technology Ideas

MS Photo Story
A free tool for putting together a story using photos and adding your own voice.
50 Ways to Tell a Story
Are you looking for technological ideas for telling stories in another language? Here are 50 of them.
You can take pictures and make them talk in a JibJab mouth style for free. An easy, fun way for kids to tell their stories.
Type in a tag of some kind and this site will pick 20 random photos from Flickr about that tag and show them for 20 seconds each. This could be a fun game in teams to see how much students could say about a series of photos. The timing and number of photos can be changed in the advanced options.
Mouse Mischief
If you have MS PowerPoint 2007 or 2010, you can download this FREE plugin and create presentations that allow your entire class to interact with it. Your students use wireless mice to click on activities or answer questions. It requires a USB hub with enough slots for each wireless mouse USB plug (probably two or three hubs, depending on how many students are going to participate) and the wireless mice. That's it! Seriously! Soooo cool!
A way of making interactive 3-D pop-up books. The basic account is free, but it's pretty limited. The pay account allows you to record your own voice and download the story to play without an Internet connection.
The free account allows you to make 10 videos each month. Combines video and PowerPoint for a recording. The pay account has more features.
You might have seen the commercials on TV that were done with Xtranormal. The teacher version is $10 plus 50 cents per student. Individual accounts are free, but limited.
A free way to create word clouds. Type in a text or the words you want and Wordle will put them into a visually interesting format. Accents do work in this, but not all language characters will (French, Spanish, and German are fine...I didn't check others).
A free way of collecting media from different websites about a specific topic and putting it together in one place.
4 Teachers.org
Lots of different free tools a teacher can use like Quiz Star, RubiStar, and even Classroom Architect when you need a floor plan for your classroom.
$30 for a year, but allows unlimited access to worksheet makers, rubric makers, puzzle worksheet makers, bingo makers, etc.

Rich Internet Applications for Language Learning
out of Michigan State University. A free source for setting up video or audio assessments or assignments for students. Also podcasting, quizzes and handwriting practice. All designed specifically for language teachers.

Easily make different types of quizzes and practice activities for your students. Free for students to practice. If you want to make your own activities it's $50 a year.
Jeopardy Labs
Build your own Jeopardy game template (not PowerPoint) or use games others have made.
A Wicked Deception
This is a great video to show your students to illustrate how poorly online translators work and the crazy things it can make you say inadvertently. (Note there are a couple of bad words.)
Should Rosetta Stone replace language teachers?
Here's a statement from the Indiana Department of Education that indicates their opinion that Rosetta Stone should not be used as the sole source of instruction in a foreign language classroom.

Make Beliefs Comix
An easy and useful site for kids to make their own comics! They can write in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Latin. When the students finish with their creations, they can print them out.

Rubrics and Assessments

Creating and Using Rubrics
An article that gives some good, basic steps for creating rubrics.
Authentic Assessment Toolbox
Has resources on all kinds of assessments including rubrics, portfolios, and ideas for creating solid authentic assessments.
Using Rubrics to Promote Thinking and Learning
Although most of us view rubrics as ways to assess students, they can also be a good way to teach students as well. Good article!
Rubrics are pretty popular these days, but are you sure you're interpreting the grade correctly? You might want to read this to find out.
A free tool for creating your own rubrics.


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