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French Links

Click on the categories below to view the links in those categories. It may take up to a few days for me to approve them. Remember to check all these sites for yourself before using them in class. Some entries may be interesting for teachers, but not appropriate for use with students. Thanks!



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French Online Videos

Foux de Fa Fa Video
Funny French phrases in the song. Great for beginning students.
Sous le vent
Duet by Garou and Céline Dion.
Pigloo -- Moi, j'aime skier
Cute song in French to the tune of YMCA. Pigloo is a little cartoon penguin.
Pigloo -- Ragga
Cute song in French to the tune of the Chicken Dance. Pigloo is a little cartoon penguin.
I Love Lucy -- Paris at Last
Great episode for some humorous incidences in Paris. Includes the escargot scene at the café and then the multi-lingual translation scene. A real classic!
Bébé Lily -- Dans la jungle
Cute song by the cartoon baby, Bébé Lily.
Bébé Lily -- Des Bêtises
Funny song showing all the trouble Bébé Lily gets into when she's left alone.
Coup de Boule
Popular song that came out after the French soccer player Zinedine Zidane head-butted Italian player Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup final.
Capucine Tells a Story -- Teacher Tube
This darling little French girl tells a story. Her own version of once upon a time. In French with English subtitles.
Coralie Clément -- Indécise
This is a terrific song by popular French singer Coralie Clément for learning lots of uncommon opposites.
La Danse du Smatte
Fun song by Canadian Bruno Pelletier and Hatian Luc (Luck) Mervil (both from the Notre-Dame de Paris musical cast) and written by Daniel Lavoie (yet another N-D cast member).
Lune (from Notre-Dame de Paris musical)
One of the top songs from the Notre-Dame de Paris musical, sung by Canadian Bruno Pelletier (Clopin).
Bell (from Notre-Dame de Paris)
One of the top songs from the musical Notre-Dame de Paris. Sung by Canadians Garou and Daniel Lavoie, and French singer Patrick Fiori (Quasimodo, Frollo, and Phoébus).
Je fais de toi mon essentiel (from Le Roi Soleil musical)
The top song from the musical Le Roi Soleil. Sung by Emmanuel Moire (Louis XIV). (The images are not from the musical production, though.)
Lève les voiles
If your students are reading the Les Pirates novel, this might be a good song for them to learn.

French Culture

Art in the Picture
Great site with many artists represented. Easy to search for a specific name or movement.
Web Gallery of Art
Good art site. Easy to search for artist by country or by name.

French Games

Jeopardy Labs
Build your own Jeopardy game template (not PowerPoint) or use games others have made.

French Grammar

Quia is a great way for your students to practice vocabulary and grammar using Flash games. Lots of free games. With an account, the teacher can easily make their own activities and keep track of student progress. Try it for 30 days free.

French About
Has a variety of topics that concern learning French. Includes good guides for French grammar rules and interactive quizzes over those rules.
French Grammar tips and articles
Easy to find basic grammar tips.
French Grammar Central
Almost 580 links to grammar topics.
LanguageGuide.org Français
Grammar guide for basics of French grammar.

French Reading

Big Screen Readers
Books on PowerPoint to read with your classes. The CD-ROM includes the PowerPoint book, a worksheet packet and a narrated MP4 of the book.
Sosnowski Books
Great source of reading books in French and Spanish. Mary Sosnowski is very knowledgeable about her books so whatever your needs are, she can help you out.
World of Reading
Books, VDs, CDs and more in various languages. Great selection!
LanguageGuide.org Français
Readings with recordings. English translations pop up when you hover your mouse over the punctuation at the end of a phrase.
The French Experiment
A great resource for various things French. Has stories with audio and translations.
Great place for practing your reading in French. It keeps track of the words you know and helps you work on the ones you don't.
Books in the public domain in several languages.
Blaine Ray Readers
Short novels using a small circle of vocabulary. Created for the TPRS® classroom.
TPR Storytelling
Short novels using a small circle of vocabulary. Created for the TPRS® classroom.
Reading A-Z
With a paid subscription, you can print out and copy as many books as you need to use with your classes. Many are graded readers.

French Vocabulary

BBC French Topics
Basic practice of beginning vocabulary.
LanguageGuide.org Français
Vocabulary practice arranged by topic.

French Music

Patrick Fiori's Official Website
Popular French singer. Formerly in the Notre-Dame de Paris musical.
France Top 40
Want to know what's popular on the radio in Spain? Bookmark this and keep up with the popular music.

French Movies

The Scarlet Pimpernel
In English. Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour star in this story about the Scarlet Pimpernel, a fictitious hero who worked behind the scenes in revolutionary Paris. Based on the book by Baron Orczy.

Notre-Dame de Paris
Wonderful performance of the musical Notre-Dame de Paris from the late '90s. This hardback book contains the DVD and all the song lyrics. There are no spoken words in the performance. Almost all of the primary cast went on to have big popular music careers in France/Canada.

French Misc.

Alternate Reality Learning
Use these core modules to set your students up with new identities, then use those identities as characters in your class that can be or do anything. Great fun!
French T-Shirts
New French t-shirts coming out all the time! From Chalkboard Productions.
Learning By Design T-Shirts
T-shirts by Learning By Design. Good quality, nice designs, in many languages.
What can you do with a French major? Podcast
Great podcast to show what kinds of careers a person can have with a French major.
French rejoinders to use in your classroom
This is a list teachers are creating together of rejoinders your students can use in class to respond to your comments.
Sub-Aid DVDs by Chalkboard Productions
Have you ever gone to school when you were sick just because it was more work to make up sub plans for a sub who didn't speak French? Well, here's your answer! No prep for the teacher, and it's made for subs who don't speak any French. Very TPRS®-friendly!
Alternate Reality Learning Modules
Need to spice up your class a bit? Try using Chalkboard Productions' Alternate Reality Learning Modules to give your students new identities and see where the stories go from there.
Which Is the Best Language to Learn?
French, of course! This article explains how French ranks first in gobal languages after English.


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