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Need some emergency lesson plans? Something even a non-target language speaking person can do? This is ideal for those times when you need something in a rush. No prep needed!


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Each DVD contains one complete set of lesson plans any sub can use. There are worksheets (e-mailed to you) to keep the students active and ideas for two or three days of follow-up activities so the teacher can capitalize on the DVD material. There's even a quiz to give the students over the material! Great for in-school suspension students, students on vacation, or even students who are on medical leave. Perfect for when you have that winter cold and lose your voice.

Available Now! Click here to order.

Click here to see a PDF of the packet contents and the video overview.
Video Clip.
Beginning first year.

Target structures:
il a
il n'a pas de

il se sente seul

Available NOW!!! Click here to order.

Click here to see a PDF of the packet contents and the video overview.
Video Clip.
Middle first year.

Target structures:
je vais
je veux manger
il n'y a que

Available Now! Click here to order.

Click here to see a PDF of the packet contents and the video overview.
Video Clip.
End of first year.

Target structures:
elle a peur de
Qu'est-ce que je vais faire?
je ne peux pas t'aider

Available Now!! Click here to order.

Click here to see a PDF of the packet contents and the video overview.
Video Clip.
Second year.

Target Structures:
il a eu un accident
il s'est fait mal

il s'est cassé

Available Now!! Click here to order.

This is a video with ONLY the 3 stories from the level 1 sub DVDs on it. The stories run approximately 20 minutes total and the menu lets you select which story you want to use.

(Note: This video is NOT a Sub-Aid DVD. It does NOT come with worksheets.)

$ 8.00

In the works:


Santa's Missing Sleigh

Sub DVD (worksheet/quiz packet is e-mailed to you): $ 10.00
Click here to see the DVD packaging or to order.
If you purchase the version with the hardcopy of the worksheet packet, please note the DVD is sent directly from the DVD manufacturer and the worksheet packet will be sent from Chalkboard Productions. You should receive them both at approximately the same time. (If you prefer to have the worksheet packet mailed to you via the US Postal Service instead of e-mailed, please e-mail us or call for ordering information.)

Big Screen Readers


For less than the price of one hardback book, you can purchase this book and use it with your entire class. This is the first in my series of Big Screen Readers, books on PowerPoint so the students can follow along as you read to them.

Perfect for this time of year, L'Automne will give your students season-specific vocabulary as they increase their language skills through the classroom discussion. Included are also a vocabulary matching and a translation worksheet to accompany the book. All the materials are on the CD-ROM and are.ppt, .doc or .pdf files.

In the works:

L'Hiver, L'Été, Le Printemps

L'Automne Big Screen Reader: $6.00

The Renny series of Big Screen Readers follows Renny le chien through stories from her point of view. The stories are told primarily in first person, which aids students in their use of that form when talking about themselves. The stories follow the Big Screen Reader format of a PowerPoint story with question links to ask as the whole class reads the book together. There is also a 5-worksheet packet on the CD-ROM that includes vocab matching, comprehension questions and translation exercises.

As an added feature, all Renny readers come with an MP4 video of Renny reading the PowerPoint. With purchase of this book, the teacher may allow students in their classes to copy the MP4 video onto their iPods for their own use. Great for absent students or in-school suspension work!

Renny Readers: $ 6.00

C'est Moi, Renny

This story is an introduction to who Renny is, where she lives, and what her favorite things to do are. Perfect for comparing and contrasting with the students in your own class. Geared towards beginners.


Click here to see a video clip.

ORDER: C'est moi, Renny

Les Gens
sont bizarres

This story is Renny's look at how odd people are in the things they do. Comparing and contrasting dog behavior with human behavior, Renny helps us see the weird things humans do.


Click here to see a video clip.

ORDER: Les Gens sont bizarres

Tu me manques, Marley!

In this story, Renny tells about the fun she used to have with her friend Marley and how much she misses him now that he's moved away.


Click here to see a video clip.

ORDER: Tu me manques, Marley!



A Thanksgiving story.
Expected release: 6/1/11

Le Noël Chez Moi


A Christmas story.
Expected release: 6/1/11

Réveille-toi, Renny!

Pinta the cat wants Renny to wake Deb up because she's hungry.
Expected release: 5/1/11

(Check out our media store and save shipping by buying more than one item!)

French Alternate Reality Learning (ARL) Kits:

ARL kits contain materials to turn your classroom into a new world. The core module includes a PowerPoint presentation that assigns each student their new role in the alternate reality and introduction activities so your students can discover the "new" people (or ducks) they will be learning with this year. ARLs are ideal for a TPRS classroom. More modules will be added as they become available.


Designed for first year classes. Transform your classroom into the world of Duckopolis by using these simple to implement ideas. Easily adaptable to any classroom. Supplementary modules will be released throughout the next year.

Available Now!!!

French Duckopolis: $10.00

(Check out our media store and save shipping by buying more than one item!)

Join the Duckopolis Yahoo Group and share your ideas with other teachers using it!


Notre Communauté

Designed for second year classes. Your students will trade their normal lives for a different persona in their new community. They'll find out if they are single, married or divorced, how old they are, what profession they do, and even how many pets they might have. Project modules will include a community soap opera, a community newspaper, elections and much more!

Available Now!!!

French Notre Communauté: $10.00

Check out the Media Store for more items on DVD and CD-ROM. (Save on shipping!)

Join the Our Community Yahoo Group and share ideas with other teachers who are using it! (You do not have to purchase Notre Communauté to be a part of this group.)


Le Royaume


Designed for third or fourth year classes. Your students become kings, queens, princes and princesses as they enter the class kingdom. The jousting module will be added soon.

Expected release date: 9/1/11

Core Module: $10.00


La Chambre Secrète

Five little ducks receive a mysterious invitation to Versailles...and it's signed by Le Roi Soleil! Join Bulle, Coin-Coin, Hélène, Boomhower and Pedro as they discover the secrets of Versailles!

This novelette will come on a CD-ROM and be in a PDF format. There will be color illustrations and worksheets for each chapter as well as quizzes available. This is an entirely electronic book and can be purchased individually or with a perpetual site license according to the number of students who will be using it. The school will then be free to make the novelette available for their students in whatever manner they choose. (See the novelette page for more info.)

(Release date: 2/1/12)

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Would you like to see the video script for the DVDs? Just e-mail me and let me know which DVD and French or Spanish.














e-mail packet note:

If you do not receive the e-mailed packet within two business days, please contact me. To ensure direct delivery, please add chalkbrd@hoosierlink.net to your e-mail safe list.





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