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Spanish Contest:
February 2013

The 3 structures will be revealed February 1 and the contest entries will be due on February 28.


your students now!


Teachers of the students of the top 3 stories will win a Webinar Ultimate Pass (worth $90) for 12 free webinars.

Student Creative Story Contests

Do you know a French, Spanish or German student who loves to write stories? Here's their opportunity to shine! Chalkboard Productions introduces a series of writing contests to encourage budding writers to write in their new language. We'll give the students 3 structures in the target language, and then let the students' imaginations go free! Any genre of story is eligible. Students can enter as many stories as they want (each story requires a paid entry fee of $1, story entries are sold in multiples of $5). Each story has a 300 word maximum and must be completely in the language of that contest.

  • Maximum word count = 300 words
  • Maximum age = 18 years old
  • Maximum number of stories a student can enter = unlimited!

1st prize wins $50, 2nd prize wins $25, and 3rd prize wins $10. There will also be 7 Honorable Mention Certificate awards, and all of the top 10 will have their stories published on the Chalkboard Productions website. This is a great opportunity for young writers to get their start!


February 1 , 2013
12:01 am
Eastern Time
Click here for the 3 structures for the Spanish Contest. The stories MUST use all 3 structures in an important way. (In other words, if the structure is "likes to eat" then the entire story has to be about someone who likes to eat something.)
February 28, 2013
end of school day
Deadline for students to submit their stories to their teachers/homeschool parents. (Minimum of 5 stories can be entered. Students can enter as many stories as they want, but each story requires a $1 entry fee. Teachers at the same school may combine registrations to meet the minimum.)
February 28, 2013

11:59 pm
Eastern Time

All contest entries should be turned in to Chalkboard Productions by the teacher/parent. The entry fees must also be paid by this time.
April 15, 2013
Contest winners will be notified and posted shortly thereafter on the Chalkboard Productions' website.

Students must be classified as "regular" or "outside experience" according to the National Spanish Exam criteria. (Comparable criteria for French and German.)

Teachers/Homeschool Parents:

To enter your students' stories:

  1. Introduce the three structures to the students and use them in class. The 3 structures will be announced here on February 1, 2013. The stories can use first, second or third person subjects, singular or plural, and the story can be in the present or in the past.

  2. Have your students write a story revolving around those three structures. Many excellent stories didn't win in previous contests because they didn't use those structures as the focal point of the story. The stories must be under 300 words. The most common length is between 100-200 words.

  3. Download the Entry Packet for more detailed instructions and check lists to follow.

  4. Collect money from students or from your school and pay the entry fee by clicking the PayPal button below (or by calling 1-855-922-4255) and using a credit card. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay using the button. You can also send a school PO for the entry fee, but it needs to be postmarked by February 28, 2013.

  5. Collect the students' stories and e-mail them to Chalkboard Productions as per the instructions in the entry packet. Students cannot be helped with their stories before the judging. After the judging, the winners will get a chance to work with their teachers and make corrections before they are published on the website. Please remind students that their entry will be disqualified if they use online translators. They can use a dictionary to look up isolated words, but the stories will sound better if they use words they already know.

The full set of rules is HERE.

Number of Student Stories:

Would you rather register by phone? Call us toll-free at 1-855-92-CHALK.
If you need to send a School PO, you can fax it to us at (574) 936-2145.

Make sure to include the following information on the fax cover sheet:

Attn: Deb Read, Chalkboard Productions
RE: Story Contest Entries


Spanish Contest:

March 2012 Winners

French Contest:

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German Contest:

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