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Who is Chalkboard Productions?

Hi, my name is Deb Read and I guess you could say for now, I'm Chalkboard Productions. I started CP in 1994 when I did some video packets to sell to Teachers Discovery. That morphed into a few other items, extra things I made up for my own classes and thought others might be interested in as well.

Real life intruded (as it often does!) and CP was put on hold for a while. I was still creating things for my own classes, but I didn't even try to sell any.

During spring break in March 2000, I came down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I struggled to finish out that school year, grateful that I was teaching only 6 classes on a block 8 alternating schedule (3 classes taught each day) and my prep period was the last period of the day. By the beginning of the following school year, I had balanced out enough that I could make it through the day, but I spent most of my weekends and evenings resting so I could make it through the days at school.

My love of teaching kept me going for 9 years, but with each year, I struggled more to make it through the school day. When the school switched to a traditional schedule a few years ago and I had to teach 6 (all different) classes with little downtime to rest, my health became worse. Teaching levels 1-4 of both French and Spanish can be taxing to a completely healthy teacher, but with CFS and a stressful summer, my health deteriorated to the point where I couldn't go back to teaching that fall.

So, the 2009-2010 school year was the first year I didn't teach in a long time. I taught high school French and Spanish for 22 years before giving it up. I went through a few withdrawals at the beginning of the year (that's where the "Addicted to Teaching" t-shirt idea came from!), but when I recalled the stress teachers go through right before spring break, well, let's just say I don't miss that part. :o)

I feel like my job with CP is to create products that will ease the stress and workload of teachers who are still in the classroom. I try to make things I always wanted to have when I was teaching, things to make my class fun and interesting. And the sub DVDs? Well, that's so you can take that sick day when you don't feel good and not have to worry about spending 2-3 hours making up lesson plans.

CP allows me to work when I can and lie down and rest when my body needs it. I have a few teachers conferences I'm trying to go to throughout the year, which are teaching me how they impact my CFS and my creative ability. Include in that some webinars, speaking engagements and a biblical counseling ministry on the side, and well, it can sometimes be a challenge. But then, I've always been one to take up challenges -- that's why I became a teacher!

I hope you find the CP products useful in your own classroom so they can reduce the planning load you have and give you time for what's really important.

You know it's true what they say. When God closes a door, He opens a window.


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Do you do presentations on teacher training topics? Would you be interested in doing webinars? There are a lot of great ideas out there at conferences and I'd like to help teachers share those with others. If you have presented at a state conference (or CSC, NTPRS, IFLT, etc.) and had a good response to your presentation, you might be a good candidate to share with other teachers via a webinar. Contact me for more information.

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