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BIBLE Counseling
Training DVDs
The first DVD is scheduled to be released by 3/31/12. It will contain the first two sessions of the training course. Cost will be $20 + shipping ($4.20 for one DVD).
BIBLE Counseling
Online Training Webinar
We will be conducting a series of training sessions (same material as in the DVDs) beginning in January 2012.
Answering Islam
This DVD will help you answer the common challenges Muslims make against Christianity. Scheduled to be released by June 1, 2012.

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BIBLE Counseling Training Webinar

Monday nights from January 2 through February 20, 2012
8:00 to 9:15 pm Eastern

COST: $50 (total for all 10 hours/8 webinars)

Session 1: "An Introduction to BIBLE Counseling"
January 2, 2012

This first in the BIBLE Counseling Training webinar series has been recorded. You can view it by clicking HERE. It runs 1 hour 38 minutes.

In this first session, we'll discuss the basics of BIBLE Counseling, including some foundational Bible verses to support this important aspect of the Christian life.

Click HERE for an overview of each of the sessions.

This training is open to any Christian who would like to learn how to help themselves and others apply biblical truth to their mental and emotional problems. You do not need to be considering a full-time ministry in counseling or be a pastor to help others. These webinars will give you ideas on how to help those around you deal with their daily struggles by relying on God's answers. All webinars will be recorded so they can be viewed at your convenience.

BIBLE Counseling is an acronym meaning:

Insights for

This type of counseling focuses on what a person believes about God as the root of his or her behavior. When we aid the person to line up his or her beliefs about who God really is to what God says about Himself in the pages of the Bible, the necessary changes in a person's behavior will begin to appear as a natural result.

BIBLE Counseling: Equipping Christians for an Evangelistic Counseling Ministry

In a lively mixture of biblical application and common sense, this book shows how the Bible really does have the answers to the daily problems of life. The type of counseling outlined in this book is not only for pastors and Christian counselors, but for each Christian in the pew. Put into practice, these simple techniques and ideas can transform your church and your own life! The work is based on Open Arms Internet Ministry, one of the longest running ministries in Yahoo! Chat.

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You can also order this item ($20 + $4 shipping) by phone toll-free at

Spiritual Warrior Quiet Time Journal

Whether you are involved in the Spiritual Warrior Discipleship Course or merely studying the Bible at your own pace, you will find this journal very useful for recording the insights God gives you. You will have room to write your thoughts, PowerPraises and PowerPrayers. Set up for one level of the SW course (50 quiet time entries, 10 personal Bible study pages, reading assignments). (75 pps.)


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