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Below you'll see pictures of screen shots from a webinar. The webinar software is based on Macromedia Flash so most computers are compatible with it, but for best results, try to have the newest version on your computer. To access a webinar, you merely click on the URL we give you a few minutes before the webinar is scheduled to start and it should take you directly in.


When you click on the URL link you are given for the webinar, this is the screen you'll see.

Log in as a Guest. If it is a pay webinar, please use the name you registered with so you'll be accepted in. If it is a free webinar, use whatever name you wish to be called during the webinar. You do not have to use your real name for free webinars. If the host has not started the meeting yet or you are trying to enter on the wrong day, you'll see this shot:

Normally I try to be in about 15 minutes early so hopefully you won't see the above screen much. :o)

Instead you will probably see the screen below while you wait for me to approve your request to enter the room. Again, if this is a pay webinar, please use the name you registered with.

Once you are in the room, there usually will be a title slide like the one below while we wait for the webinar time to start.

When the webinar begins, the screen may shift around some depending on the type of webinar and the part of the webinar you are in. During the presentation itself, it most likely will look similar to the screen shot below. Notice under my picture there is a chat box that allows attendees to ask questions.

Sometimes during the presentation you'll be asked to participate in polls. Here's an example of that screen.

The last few minutes of every webinar is a question and answer time. Once again, there is the same chat box from before, but it is positioned in a different place. Also, there might be boxes for me to type in extra notes or information I want you to know as well as links I'd like to share or documents you can download for later use. The screen below shows you what it might look like.

This particular software is very versatile so any of the boxes you see might be moved around or resized to fit the particular webinar. There is also the ability to send attendees into breakout rooms where they can discuss things in a small group setting and then come back together so we can find out what ideas the breakout groups came up with. The gray area at the bottom probably will not appear on your screen since the new software update. You might also now see a FULL SCREEN button in the upper bar of some boxes. When you click on it, that box will go full screen so you can read it better. To revert to the normal view, click the button again.

This is a web browser box so you can resize the whole thing or even reduce it temporarily in case you need to do something else on your computer. There will be a speaker icon on the top for adjusting the volume of the speaker. If it's an open webinar where the participants will be using mics, there will be a mic icon in the top bar as well.

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