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Hermie and the Truck



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Hermie, a skeleton who likes to walk in the street, has an accident. Recommended for second year students.

Target Structures:    
andaba en la calle il marchait sur la route he used to walk in the street
tuvo un accidente il a eu un accident he had an accident
se lastimó il s'est fait mal he hurt
se rompió il s'était cassé he broke

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Run time: 48:57 minutes
** This DVD includes the audio for the Alternative Reading and the Quiz. Actual Sub DVD time is approximately 40 minutes. **

Comes with 12-page worksheet packet. Worksheet packet is e-mailed and is sent in both MS Word document and PDF formats. If you purchase a Sub-Aid DVD and do not receive the worksheet packet before you receive the DVD, check your spam folder. Since the worksheet packet is sent as an attachment, sometimes it is misdirected there. If you teach at a school, please make sure the e-mail address you give me when you order is able to accept e-mails with attachments. If you are ordering with a school P.O., please include an e-mail address that I can send the worksheet packet to. If you have not received your packet, please e-mail me and I'll see about transfering it to you in a different fashion.

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