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The first novelette, La Chambre Secrète (level 2), is scheduled for release 2/28/12. Asesinato (level 4) is scheduled for release 3/25/12. La Búsqueda del Mono de Oro (level 1) is scheduled for release 4/30/12.

These will be electronic books, and there will be worksheets and quizzes on CD available as well. Prices will be for individual copies or schools can purchase a site license. See below for pricing info.

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La Chambre secrète

Five little ducks receive a mysterious invitation to Versailles...and it's signed by Le Roi Soleil! Join Bulle, Coin-Coin, Hélène, Boomhower and Pedro as they discover the secrets of Versailles!

This novelette will come on a CD-ROM and be in a PDF format. There will be color illustrations and worksheets for each chapter as well as quizzes available. This is an entirely electronic book and can be purchased individually or with a perpetual site license according to the number of students who will be using it. The school will then be free to make the novelette available for their students in whatever manner they choose.

Novelette CD Contents:

Novelette in PDF format
2 audio files for each chapter, one normal speed and one slower
Vocabulary lists for each chapter
A descriptive color illustration for each chapter

Teacher's CD Contents (sold separately):

Chapter quizzes
Vocabulary worksheets
Grammar worksheets
Mid-novelette review test w/audio portion
End of novelette review test w/audio portion

Novelette CD: $6
Teacher CD: $20

Site License: $50 (for up to 25 students), $100 (26-100 students), $150 (100-150 students), $200 (more than 150 students) (This cost is determined by how many students will use it during the entire school year.) Site license allows for use of the student CD with the stated number of students each year (no need to renew each year!). The school may reproduce the materials on the student CD in any format they need to use with their students as long as it is used only with their students in their school according to the site license agreement.





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