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Our TPRS® teacher training webinars
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Choose from live webinars, pre-recorded online trainings, and now our NEW DVD series.

Steps to Strides TPRS®
Teacher Training Series

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TPRS® for Toe-Dippers
Order: DVD110101

Step 1 in the Steps to Strides TPRS® teacher training series. Features beginning steps to start integrating TPRS® into your current routine using materials you have on hand. see

Building the TPRS® Foundation

Step 2 in the Steps to Strides TPRS® teacher training series. Features ideas for setting up your classroom as a successful TPRS® learning environment.

Other teacher training DVDs soon to be released:

What in the World Is TPRS®?
Reading Together
Alternate Reality Learning
Help! I Need Substitute Ideas!
3 Levels + 1 Room = Success (Muli-level Classroom)
TPRS®- Friendly Assessments

Steps to Strides:

Step 1:
TPRS® for Toe-Dippers

Step 2:
Building the TPRS® Foundation

Step 3:
Focusing on the Structures

Step 4:
Personalizing Your Questions

Step 5:
Growing a Story Together

Step 6:
Comparing and Contrasting









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