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February 2013 Structures

Remember, all student stories MUST use these three structures and they MUST be a significant part of the story.

Drum roll, please.............

And the 3 structures for the February Spanish story contest are:

  1. quiere ver: s/he wants to see
  2. va a: s/he goes to
  3. así que: so

Teachers, feel free to use these for teaching purposes for the month of February to help your students learn how to use them in the target language. Exact forms might vary (for instance, nosotros queremos ver is fine, or voy a....any subject can be used so any appropriate form of the verbs or object pronouns are acceptable).


Spanish Contest
Entry deadline is:

11:59 pm Eastern
February 28, 2013

Contest begins:
Noon Eastern Time

February 1, 2013





If we receive more than 300 stories, the cash prizes will double!


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