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This ARL Module is a fun addition to the Kingdom Core Module, and is recommended for use in conjunction with the Quia Quizzes Module. Students can challenge the ruler of their kingdom to a joust, and the winner takes over the throne. This Jousting Module provides the materials and instructions to host a joust over whatever content you are currently studying. Some jousting questions are included, but teachers can easily make up their own questions covering whatever material you want to review. Don't worry, no knights are harmed in our jousts...well...maybe their pride. :o) Can also be used separately from any other module.

ARL Jousting Module: $8

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Spanish Kingdom
Jousting Module

French Kingdom
Jousting Module

English Kingdom
Jousting Module

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The CD for this module contains the blackline masters for the jousting accoutrements, jousting questions based on the topics covered in the Kingdom Quia Quizzes Module, instructions for overseeing a joust, and ideas for adding variety to your jousting challenges.


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