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This extra ARL module is a document that is e-mailed to you after purchase. It contains the URLs for a series of quizzes that go with the vocabulary and themes of each of the Alternate Reality Learning Core Modules you choose. With purchase, you'll have a list of the activities on Quia and you can copy them into your own Quia account to tweak as you choose. Quia account recommended (see note below). This extra module can be purchased via phone, PayPal or regular mail and it is e-mailed right off to you. The module can be used separately from the ARL Core Modules.

ARL Quia Quizzes extra module: $8

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Spanish Duckopolis

French Duckopolis


Spanish Community

French Community


Spanish Kingdom

French Kingdom


Order: ARL110901
available soon

Order: ARL110902
available soon

Order: ARL110903
available soon

Click on the order link above to view a close-up of the product packaging (inside and out).

NOTE: If you don't have a Quia account, your students can still use the activities. To track student performance, though, a Quia account is required. If you don't have a Quia account, when the students' scores are shown, you'll have to make them print a copy of that screen or you'll need to view it yourself to verify what their scores are. We do not sell subscriptions to Quia accounts. You must contact Quia directly for that.

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