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Overview of TPRS®
Planning a TPRS® Lesson -- Determining the Content
Planning a TPRS® Lesson -- Designing the Learning Activities
The 3 Steps of TPRS®
3 Great Ways to Establish the Structure Meaning
Personalizing Questions and Answers (PQA)
French Example of PQA
Maintaining Student Interest through Personalization
Monitoring Their Eyes
Drawing a Story Out of PQA
Creating a Class Story
The Magic of Circling
Grammar through Pop-Ups
Is Translating into English Really a Good Idea?
The Difference between TPR and TPRS®

Kicking off the Year with TPR
Integrating TPR and TPRS®
Love of Reading: A Key to School Success
TPRS® Assessments
Structure or Vocabulary?
Top 10 Reasons to Study French
Top 10 Reasons to Study Spanish
Discipline in the TPRS® Classroom
A TPRS® Fact Sheet
Understanding TPRS®: Administrators
Understanding TPRS®: Parents
Understanding TPRS®: Students
Understanding TPRS®: Colleagues
Why Isn't My Child Fluent Yet?
5 Ways to Promote Writing in French, Spanish and German


TPRS® Materials:

Sub-Aid DVDs
Big Screen Readers
Alternate Reality Learning
TPRS® Training Webinars

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