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I used your sub plans for level I this past week for the first time...La ardilla azul... I got some very good feed back from my students. Then I used Soy yo Renny and they loved it. I didn't expect it to be such a success because they don't know you from Adam. I thought it might be too personal. They fell in love with ...Renny. My students are mostly minorities with hard lives. I thought it might be too wholesome but they kept saying, "Ms. Heath, he really is a cute dog." Great job Deb! Keep crankin em out. You should be proud of your good work.

--Jamie H.

Just wanted to let you know... I just watched your "Reading with Kids" webinar, which was fabulous,(I have also purchased and used/am using "La Ardilla Azul," "Duckopolis," and "Nuestra Comunidad". I will be watching your Alternate Realities Webinar, as well, though probably not live. Thank you for helping to make me a better teacher, and for helping to make my job easier! Keep the good stuff coming!

---Heather B.

I so enjoyed your webinar on alternate realities! I have known people who have studied languages using this method (and loved it). The idea of using the ducks is so very cute, and I can imagine how much my high school Spanish students would love all the engaging activities you include!

Thanks again for the great ideas and for a helpful and fun webinar. :)

Melinda N.
Spanish II


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I ordered a bunch of your stuff awhile back, and as a TPRS teacher, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your materials more than I can say! They have made my life so much easier and they've allowed me to make the structures and the vocabulary 100% comprehensible for my students! I just wanted to say that I am assuredly your biggest fan and I look forward to more! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!



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